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Make Contact as a

Make Contact as a

Who are our Clients?
ECAD’s Clients range from blue chip companies to SMEs who can gain from access to technical expertise and management skillsets within the ECAD community.  Whether our client is delivering complex capital investment plans, overcoming manufacture challenges or simply needs engineering support, ECAD can provide the connections to bolster your business capabilities. When a client gains an ECAD member or ECAD team, they also gain the technical support from the wider ECAD community making ECAD an effective solution to any business requirement.

Who are our Members?
ECADs Members are individuals, teams or businesses who can provide resource across all aspects of industry.  They have specific engineering skillsets, expertise and knowledge across various industries and sectors, with the proven ability to deliver.  Members are welcome with all levels of experience, from entry level to expert.  Anyone with the passion and motivation to push industry, develop and deliver should join!

Who should fill in the Survey?
Business representatives exploring resource capabilities to support current or future projects.
Engineering skillsets with Mechanical & Process, Electrical, Control & Instrumentation, Civil and Industry Specialist Skillsets.
Industry experience in all sectors ranging from Pharma, Print & Paper, Food & Beverage, Defence and many more etc.
All levels of experience ranging from Entry Level Apprentices & Grads, to Hands On Technical Engineers, to Project Managers and Consultants.

Why fill in the Survey?
• The ECAD team wants to determine where the engineering skills are located in the UK (and also overseas) in relation to Client demand. (Note; the GeoMap does not show any names or contact details, it only shows Job Title and their Capabilities).

What happens Next?
ECAD will work with the prospective Client’s to develop ECAD Work Packages. (EWP)
These EWP are published as an interactive GeoMap which allows members to filter matching their Capability with Availability.
ECAD is Re-Engineering the way we deliver Projects and Support Industry.