Name (First) David
Name (Last) Yates
Company Dyce Engineering Services Ltd
Phone 07866747326
General Location
Address (Street Address) The Nostell Estate Yard,
Address (Address Line 2)
Address (City) Nostell, Wakefield
Address (County / State) England
Address (ZIP / Postal Code) WF4 1AB
Address (Country) United Kingdom
Job Role Program Manager, Project Manager, Supervision, Commissioning Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Planning Engineer, Process Engineer, Project Engineer
Management Program, Project, Supervision
Engineering Skills Application, Commissioning, Mechanical, Planning, Process, Project
Site Labour
Training HNC, Industry Experience + 3 Years, Problem Solving
Industrial Experience Converting, Pulp Paper, Recycling, Waste, Water Treatment
Hourly Rate
Package Value
Per Package Value
Idea Idea Development, Flow Diagram Development, Layout Development, Idea Cost Outline, Design Review
Feasibility Feasibility Study, Flow Diagram Development, Layout Development, Basic Delivery Plan, Feasibility CapEx Assessment, Design Review
Pre-Engineering Pre-Engineering Study, Risk Register, Site Standards, Process Diagram Development, 3D Site Scan, Layout Development, Basic Drawings, Basic Schedules, Equipment RFQs, Mechanical & Piping Technical Scope, Planning Permition, Ground Survey, Project Delivery Plan, Resource Delivery Plan, Design Review
Detailed Engineering Roles & Responibility, Work Breakdown Idenification, Project Delivery Plan, Process Diagram Development, Risk Register, Process Risk Assessments, Safety Requirement Specifaction, Fixed Guarding, Interlock Guarding, Site Standards, Process Mass Balance, Equipment Schedule, Pipe Line Schedule, Instrumentation Schedule, Valve Schedule, Motor Schedule, IO Schedule, 3D Site Scan, Layout Development, Design Reviews, Building Design, Foundations, Platform Design, Pipework Design, Containment Layout, Building Services, Building HVAC
Purchasing Equipment RFQs, Mechanical & Piping RFQs, RFQs Bid Analysis, Raise Purchase Orders, Change Management, Delivery Tracker
Purchasing Other
Installation Construction Design Management, Installation Plan, Disinvestment Plan, Isolation Plan, Outage Plan, Site Supervision
Installation Other
Commissoning Commissoning Plan
Commissioning Other
Handover PUWER Assessment, Manuals
Handover Other
Availability Full Time, Part Time, Flexible, 9 to 5, Weekends, Nights, Anytime
Duration Work Package, 1 Month, 2 Month, 3 Month, 4 Month, 5 Month, 6 Month, 7 Month, 8 Month, 9 Month, 10 Month, 11 Month, 12 Month
Employment Limited
Travel Distance National
Business Requirements
Software Microsoft 365, Microsoft Projects, AutoCAD LT
General Comments